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Collection: 5" AIRTAIL SHAD

If sound getting attention is good enough for crankbaits & hard plastic top-water lures, it's now possible with a "soft" plastic jerk bait. And you can fish it 100% weedless in the nastiest cover. No different than anglers adjusting to fishing conditions with a silent or rattled square-bill, but now you can adjust the 5" AirTail Shad to your fishing situation by adding the GrandeBass custom built AirTail Rattle. Going silent out of the package or adding that "sound-getting" attention that could be the difference in catching a limit or going home empty handed. AirTail Custom Rattles 1 sample AirTail Rattle included in each pack.  Injected with micro-salt and our exclusive Mega5 Xtreme scent formula.  Comes in protective packaging. 8 Pack w/ 1 sample AirTail Rattle 

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